Friday, January 3, 2014

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

During my trip to Japan I also went to the Tokyo Motor Show just to see how it looked like.

I didn’t really try to see all as I wasn’t motivated by seeing standard cars, and also because my son strongly insisted to see the Tomika stand.
He showed a little interest on Pedrosa MotoGP bike, but nothing could beat the Tomika stand. ^_^

Honda displayed several electrical and hybrid vehicles such as a “toiletmobile”. °_°
Hum… Sorry. It is kind of a monocycle featuring balance control technology named UNI-CUB β.

Nonetheless I got surprised by some prototypes displayed on some stands. I got particularly fascinated by the Nissan IDx Nismo. The standard version called IDx Freeflow is very nice too. In my opinion, they are a successful combination of modern design and the 70s design. Their design is certainly inspired by the amazing Skyline built in the 70s. I love it…
We can only hope Nissan will produce them. ^_^

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