Monday, September 8, 2014

1982 FXWG and 1969 Early Shovel by Hide Motorcycle

I know they are not the last bikes built by Hidemo, but I love them.

The first one was displayed at the NEW ORDER CUSTOM SHOW 2008, Kobe, while the second one was displayed at the HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2009, Yokohama.

On the 1982 FXWG, I especially like the contrast between the front and the back wheels size, the integration of the speedometer in what looks to be an aluminum panel and also the from light panel.

On the 1969 Early Shovel, the narrow tank fit just perfectly and the handlebar is one of my favorite part; it looks that simple.

(It seems to be the same bike but with a different paint-job)
1969 Early Shovel HIDE MOTORCYCLE

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