Monday, August 31, 2015

Heiwa 1974 Honda CB500T

Another great bike built by the well-known motorcycle builder Heiwa from Hiroshima, Japan. It was first displayed at the 2015 New Order Chopper Show, Osaka.

The donor bike is a 1974 Honda CB500T. Many things were replaced by their homemade parts: the handlebar, the narrow tank, the two stainless pipes exiting both on the right side, the gorgeous tail light, the tail section, the seat, the battery box under the seat, etc...
The back loop was cut down and modified to receive a new homemade tail section. The headlight is a Lucas rectangle fog light fixed vertically by a asymmetrical bracket.

As usual this Heiwa bike line is very well balanced and clean...

Pictures are from:
- Heiwa MC on Instagram
- Heiwa Motorcycle on Facebook

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