Friday, June 27, 2014

New work in progress... Part 2

Part 1 - New work in progress...

... So I spent some hours with hand files, sandpapers, etc…, and then I bent it. It looks not too bad…
Now I just need to work on a few more details and it will be ready. ^_^

... Así que pasé unas cuantas horas con limas, papel abrasivo, etc…, y después la he curvado. No está nada mal…
Solo me queda finalizar algunos detalles y estará lista. ^_^

... J'ai donc passé quelques heures avec des limes, du papier abrasif, etc…, et ensuite je l’ai cintrée. Elle a l’aire pas trop mal…
Il ne me reste plus qu’à finaliser quelques détails et elle sera prête. ^_^

Sunday, June 15, 2014

38spl Open House Party 2014 pictures

The 38spl Open House Party 2014 took place on a very hot day.

This year I had a bit more time than last year so we stayed a bit longer. I got a beer, even two... ^_^ Last year I didn't even have time for one.

Congratulations 38spl, once again your party was great.
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