Thursday, October 9, 2014

Retro Moto Exhibition - Harajuku, Tokyo

The Retro Moto exhibition is being held in UltraSuperNew gallery at Harajuku, Tokyo Japan, from October 3 until 19, 2014.

[..]The opening event and exhibition at UltraSuperNew Gallery in Harajuku gives a unique opportunity for designers, motorcycle riders, aficionados and new comers alike to meet the creators as they speak candidly about their latest moto works to the public and gain insight into their creative process, design approach and the challenges faced by even the most accomplished builders.[..]

What a program... ^_^

If you have the chance to be in Tokyo now, don't miss the opportunity...

The following pictures are from Street Ride website.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brat Style VMX - Yamaha SR

The guys from the famous Tokyoite custom shop Brat Style, Japan, have been making Vintage MX bikes based on Yamaha SR400 and SR500 for a long time already.

On their website we can see a list of parts and options available to build one. The delivery time is about one month. What are we waiting for... ^_^

These are some of the VMX they made. Pictures are from Brat Style website.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Spice Motorcycles

These are some of the custom bikes built by Spice Motorcycles from Tokyo, Japan.

There are some nice pieces. Some are very clean while others are more rusty and rough style. I like both styles if they are well balanced.

My favorites are their 56 Triumph TR6, the 53 HD K and the 70 HD XLCH. ^_^

Pictures are from Spice Motorcycles.

2014.09 - HD 47 WL
2014.04 - 69 Triumph
2013.11 - 67 TR6R
2013.09 - 56 TR6
2013.07 - 40 EL
2012.02 - 53 K
2012.03 - 70 XLCH
2011.12 - 44 FL
2011.05 - 67 TR6
2011.04 - 65 XLCH
2011.01 -69 FL
2010.11 - 57 FLH
2010.11 - 67 T120
2009.07 - 68 XLCH
2010.05 - 51 EL
2009.05 - 62 TR6 SS
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