Friday, November 4, 2011

My W650

Last year I got a W650 and I started to modify it.
I removed the headlight and the stays, both fenders and later the clocks too.
A dirt track style handlebar with Gran Turismo style grips replaced the original parts.

I find the old orange headlight in a swap; I got it because it has a nice letter A on the glass. I painted it in mat black and I fixed on top the aluminum letter "A" with wings. The headlight bracket I made it from a stainless pan handle. I love recycling... ^_^

I made a new back fender from a XS400 or XS250 front fender. I cut it, made a bracket and painted in mat black.
The license plate light is a small one with LEDs that I hided between the fender and my license plate bracket.

My home made nargile (shisha) taillight find a place on the fender.

The speedometer is a Daytona, and the pilot led bracket I made it from a piece of stainless and an old double wrench size 13.

Next step, the seat. For the moment I only made a shape in wood that I will use the make the fibreglass base.

Then the gas tank will be changed or maybe I’ll just paint the original one…

Work in progress...

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