Friday, July 20, 2012

Vintage full face helmets…

At this time if we want to have a new helmet with a vintage style, the only legal solution in Europe is to get an open face. What about the full face helmets? Why nobody makes an authorized full face vintage helmet? Is it hard or impossible to make a legal one???

During my long Internet researches, I found a lot of comments from people that are also dreaming to get a full face vintage helmet. I am not alone…

Actually, I found some during my trips to Japan, but they are not authorized in Europe and often they make only one size and they are too small for my big head. ^_^

There is also one model made in Germany and now also one in US (in collaboration with a Japanese company if I am not wrong) but still they are not authorized in Europe. Another solution is to find a real old helmet, but in my opinion they should be used as decoration or collection, rather than use as helmets...

Here is some pictures of the models I found. If you find others or if you know one that is authorized, please let me know… ^_^

Buco Racer
Buco Racer Challenger version
Custom GT-750
EASYRIDERS Vintage Racer helmet
Bandit Helmet INTEGRAL
Old Gold "Daytona"


  1. Did you ever find any in the states?

    1. The only one I know from the states is the Old Gold "Daytona". It comes from a collaboration between Dan Collins and TT&Co. from Tokyo. It has been designed by Dan Collins and TT&Co. produce them.
      There must be others, but I do not know them.

  2. There's the biltwell gringo
    And the daytona retro


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