Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eicma 2013 Milano

Here are some pictures I took at the EICMA last Saturday in Milano.

The Yamaha stand was really interesting and different than the other big brands as they had not only they standard bikes but also some customized bikes. Two SR 400: the orange one that looks awesome was built by B.S.R (I am pretty sure it was build by Brat Style from Tokyo as it has several of their parts) and the black one was built by Wrenchmonkees. Next to the SR, two XJR1300 built by Deus Ex Machina Italy were displayed... The grey one, called “Eau Rouge”, is awesome.

A few weeks ago I already wrote about the Bell Bullit helmet, but now I got to see it in real at the Milano motorcycle show. It is even nicer in real. Great quality, leather, metal flakes, matt black, white, clear or chromed bubble visor, yellow or clear “flat” visor, goggles... I am looking forward to get one. This is THE helmet I was waiting for… ^_^

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